Recently I spoke with Den Lennie on his Video Business Podcast about how we have evolved during the global crisis of Covid, and how we developed a new opportunity by producing an online drone cinematography course.

Video Talks Podcast 12 : How To Build A Successful Lifestyle Business & Be An Awesome Drone Pilot With Tom Middleton

TodayDen interviews Tom Middleton who is one of Den’s coaching clients, a real gentleman, and one helluva drone pilot!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll hear:

  • Tom gives his personal account of how his business was affected by the pandemic. (Obviously, it wasn’t pretty. Okay, so his story’s not unique, BUT… how Tom responded to the crisis is. Listen up at 4:15)
  • A clever thing Tom did when designing his online course content that differentiates his course from almost all others you’ll find online today. (Not only does this clever thing make his course unique, but it also boosts user engagement and retention. – 6:10)
  • A sweet tip for filming with drones you’ve probably never heard. – 8:15
  • A very important (and counterintuitive) drone technique that all amateur drone pilots are clueless about. – 10:50
  • How not to F up your drone. – 11:50
  • Den’s funny tale about getting coaching from a bigwig cameraman. This story makes Mr. Miyagi’s “wax on wax off” method look exciting and sensible compared to what this guy had Den doing. – 13:45
  • More cool tips for drone pilots. – 15:00
  • A BIG mistake most drone pilots make when filming sunrises and sunsets. But YOU won’t after you hear what’s taught at 17:50
  • Want to become a drone pilot but don’t know what drone to buy? Listen up at 27:50
  • A nice little “perk” for listeners of this podcast. Hear this at 29:00

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