Guinea London


Guinea London


To film 2 models wearing a selection of the Guinea Autumn 2021 range of clothing, and produce a range of social media content to promote the collection.


We filmed the 2 models on location in and around Chelsea in London, each wearing a selection of 6 outfits. We then edited the content into a library of clips for their PR company to use, with both 30 second & 15 second clips, in landscape, square and vertical formats.

Guinea Shoot Behind The Scenes

Landscape Video Examples

Video Shapes

We totally understand the importance and value of the differing shapes of video that people consume content on all social media platforms.
We therefore offer multiple video shapes for the films we produce.
The most common are here: Landscape, Square and Vertical.

Horizontal Video (16:9)  is the standardised format that we are all used to from the shape of TV screens.
This format works great for all social media platforms including Youtube and Vimeo etc.

The Square format (1:1) is a format that has become more and more common from the grid format of social media platforms such as Instagram profiles.

The Vertical video format (9:16) is a relatively new format, that has become more and more popular with the shape of mobile phones being viewed in their native position in the hand.
This has also become hugely popular with social media platforms such as Instagram Reels and Stories, and TikTok.