Our Journey with Ludlow Gin has been a whirlwind.

Working with Tom & Miche is a real joy. – Shaun Ward

From the beginning, we developed the creative concept with Shaun at the heart of a brand new campaign that re positioned his brand to a more flamboyant audience, and embodied his spirit.


So the campaign production began and we got stuck into the two priority films for the Brand.


and then.. COVID hit, and brought almost every business in the UK to a standstill.

We lost a substantial amount of our trade overnight, and we lost the opportunity to meet 500,000 people over 50 events, so we lost a substantial amount of income. So having the ability to make high quality films and talk about our product, enabled us to meet those people, it gives our brand such a depth and we reached a far wider audience across the UK. So it has been vital in the changing environment that Lockdown has brought. – Shaun Ward.


So to help Shaun reposition his business, and speak to the millions of people stuck at home, who desperately wanted a drink! we shot a massive amount of cocktail recipe films, as well as a range of other content, and he began to sell direct to customers, and had a massive boost to his business selling online.